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7 - Funktify life - French Funk, Mexican funk- 7

      oh point b, there must be a million different ways to take.  Try all possible paths, even at different points in time, and you are bound to funktify your path.  Funktify your journey, because each time you try a new path you are solidifying which path brought you the most happiness and pleasure.  (Puzzle two, the bridge) You change the way you think by choosing different methods to accomplish things in your brain… Why not try to find out about different ways of thinking, why not find out about different religions and philosophies, placing all of them together to really truly understand what you believe in.  Different ways to get from a to b in your soul.

      Maybe at the end a larger sort of Universal Truth will come about:

      But for now I have found out is something very special.  A Universal truth within the universal truth.  A universal truth that is ever­present but it actually is going backwards from point b to point a if you hear where I am barking.

       Everywhere you go, everyone I have talked to … of course research may have to be done, grants be granted, and travel be traveled to verify, but, understood is the word, FUNK.  In all languages it is spelt as is and understood.  Go fucking figure. The French say funk, the Mexicans say funk, the Indians say funk. But there is one lie has just been made, and that is by saying that funk is understood.  The main funk messages that have been displayed have been through music and some sort of media madness which we all know is not the best source of info these days.

              People throughout the world have been exposed to the idea of funk all of their lives, maybe with out even realizing.  The idea of nice, fresh, mint, dope, kacalaka type jams, radiating like cellular waves, bouncing, sound, waves, while penetrating cranium cronic waves, pumping like the beat of the heart, the beat of four, the beat of the funk.. The rhythm of the groove—the beat in which we walk, breath and swim. 1, 2, …. 1,2,3,4.  Funk in its many forms.

              Definitely not so simple but simple enough to say that, in theory, when we funk out that is when things get hectic.

      Industrial Ambassador:

      Funk has a certain job in war times.

      A Two sided scale is dangerous.  Funk at this moment is the middle man.  Holding down the scale, makin sure it does not get tipped too far in one direction.

      Aerial View (believe me this chart transcends just the simple words)

      It’s in the book…                                        ideas

      Funky ideas

      Right wack and left wack,,,   funky ideas are the not so right and the not so left, weakening the disproportion causing a balance.  Funky ideas make a triangular balance by maintaining a sort of agreeance that there are alternate, funky, real ways to do things.    


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Simple enough the writer of this book, essay whatever you may call it has one purpose. That is unification under a common principle, happiness, creativity and living to the fullest.

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