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5 - Funky Shoes, hiking and dancing- 5

      On a little note:

      Before we go any further can we come up with a couple more words for the f­word?  Fo’ sure.  As you can plainly see it could be “the one truth.” Oh yeah we can’t really see that yet.  We want to prove a truth that encompasses all truths, one which passes through the tooth in the mouth of the universe. Possibly...  Maybe we could be say, using baby steps, that funk, is a symbol of a large idea and therefore we could write it as a symbol.


      “Learning a language is pimp because it makes you peer back about how its really fucking cool to know another fucking language.”   AL

      Now try to translate that quote in another language.  Haha.

      Communication is the foundation of funk if this has not.

      We are forming a crispy symbol index: or if you will a csi: a symbol gallery that exsists to reduce fillers.  They stand for words or phrases. Building a unique funk language.  Trying to explain things unexplainable with words is a minor pitfall of all philosophies. 

      For example, the word “energy.” 

          Ummm, ­­ This is a “too much” disclaimer­

      Our Funk Language is not, not just using words or symbols to form cult actions to Funk Theory.  Chew on that.    

      On to the feets


      Shoes get big play if your shoes aint comfortable then they aint funky. Period

      Yes lets be a silly girl/ and wear sandals to go hiking…  “But I thought we were only going for a walk” silly silly girl.

      Ode to versatile footwear­­­­­­

      Always be ready to dance hardcore,

      Hike a little more,

      Chase down a little score,


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