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8 - Quit your day job - 8

      Focus and Positivity:

      Yes so funky life begins by feeding your creativity—

              Also by changing your state of mind.  Changing your focus.  Your focus can lie in a couple of beds.

      Positive                                 Negative

      The toughest part is spinning each situation to its positive counterpart.  Yeah some shit just sucks.  But if something sucks in your life search for how you can change it and get rid of it.  But really you can, on 95% of the situations if you really look into it you can find and out and [flip the script.]  Many people say they can’t change there situation and adopt a “lifes a beach” sort of attitude.  Well I am telling you not is time to sort it out.

      ** We are developing, right now in the Funk Theory Labs (sponsored by Double D Down N Dirty) an activity to pinpoint all of the things that you are doing in your life and which one of those are positively affecting your soul and determining, within yourself how much you need to focus more doing more and more of those things you your living life.

           For example Johnny works a lot.  Johnny hates his job he gets paid dick, his hours are terrible and he has a small penis.  Now two out of three things can be changed and the other needs some positivity spin.  If your job sucks…simple, get a new job.  Getting a new job is something you can control.  Come on, its not that tough to get a new job, people do it all the time.  And if you do it with some thought you end of finding out what works the best.  Make sure that the next job that you go for is a stepping stone in getting closer to what you really like to do.  And if you focus on the things that positively affect your mental, think in the art, music, teaching and even learning as criteria for you next job.  What do you really like to do, I bet there is way to make money in some aspect of it.


      “So you can’t let something you can control, control you.” Dawiser (JWAwiser)

      JWA got the picture and got a new job, now that’s funky.  But what's he going to do with his wee­wee weenie.

        Fo real, throw the positive spin.  But a positive spin is just the beginning it’s the second puzzle, now let’s dabble on puzzle tres, the next level the unseen, unheard. 

      [$This is the puzzle piece called positivity.  ] lets make puzzle pieces and as you understand them put the puzzle pieces on your board… what will it say in the end.

      Or stickers,  When you feel you know it put up there.]

      Now think about it.  It falls with­in the same sort of realm as smiling but, instead smiling from within.  Focusing on the positive of each situation.

      Such as,

      ­  Damn I am really fucking lost right now or­­­

      + This street is cool , I don’t think I have ever seen it before. 

      ­  Shit I just got caught with an ounce of shrooms and ounce of weed.  I ‘m fucked or..

      + But they didn’t find the opium or the acid. 

           Also in the long run you learn to never travel with so many drugs again.  So a positive goes hand in hand with learning from each situation.  Learning is really as positive as it gets.

              So a shitty situation can seem bad but in the positive light it was a learning experience or really isn’t as bad as you think it is. 


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