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12 - Natural Mistic Feeling, nature, Down and Dirty- 12

      Riddy “Man I hate this fucking place”

     Hmon “Have you been to the mountains yet?”

     Riddy “No, why?”

      No why?  Now that is the type of tough answer present in our life.  It’s because once you find the nature in your area, you can finally come in contact with the roots of your location.  In real situations you love your home town because you’ve been to the beach, field, lake, river, mountains, or waterfall surrounding your city or town.  Imagine never climbing a mountain, never throwing a rock, never swimming for crying out loud.  Never getting stung by a bee,.

      “I would almost dare to say, nature is more funky than James Brown“ (Drunk Hiker) ..

      As much as we should get into nature it is definitely something that must be seen and experienced to realize the extent of its wildness.  For instance the funkiest painter, the coolest photographer, the freshest band, the nicest booty dancer, the sweetest show on the discovery channel, could never compare to a cool mountain view, a fresh swimming hole, a nice squirrel, a sweet honeysuckle, watching a lion hunt a zebra.

           Elements, it’s true.  Experience the elements.  Touch the ground with bear feet, embraced the beach with no clothes.  Even the thugest of the thug is gonna drop his jaw when looks from the top of the Grand Canyon or the place in your hood that you know and I don’t.   

              A funny thing is that a man can only produce nature sooo close that it actually is nature.  He can draw a sunset so beautiful that you say damn I wish I was there. Cause you know if you were there it would be ten times more tight.

              Nature is what brings the realization to the importance of Nature.  Funk grows in the direction of nature.  “The wildest rave I’ve been to was in the forest.”   (Johnny knows a lot)

              The closer you get to nature the more real things become.  Because nature is a real as it gets.  What is realer that a leaf.

      Funky life ­> Real life

      Nature ­> Real

      Funk is nothing without nature.

      To me finding that spot in nature where you can clear your head and get down on some fresh free feeling is one of the most important keys to funk.  Hey when the environment is fucked and breathing even becomes tough.  Shit aint gonna be that funky.

      #33 Funk is Down n Dirty.

      #3  funk is running your own shit the way you want it, not conforming to prior learned ideas.

      #18 wearing as many colors as possible

      #19 Hanging out with as many colors as possible

      #20 Being colorful –  mind, body, clothes, everything.


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