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9 - Really real kissing and farting- 9

      “Do you remember when you had to go to Spanish camp? No.   Well I do.  It sucked so bad.  Then I was young, thinking the whole time this is the worst, why am I in Spanish camp when all my friends are at some cool fun camp?  So know what I learned in Spanish camp, nothing.  Why? Because all I could see is the negative.  And look where I am now, in Mexico, speaking Spanish like a [zaw (i.e. loozaw)] ” BPP


      #56: A boring situation is flipped on its positive becoming funky.

      #65: “Life is about spice and the sauce is the Boss” Tony T


           In this life of funkiness one must bear the torch and carry the cactus with bear hand and feat upon the hot sand in the beach of life.  Because before you get to the water you got to experience the hot hot sand. Building up them calouses is what helps get you wet.  Now if one could love this [life of funk] before all else that would be perfection.  But of course this feat is impossible.  You say wha?  Where is this going?  Well, let’s face it, certain aspects of pain can be described and elaborated upon but never learned until experienced.  Some insights will never grabbed until it’s already too late.  But remember these rough times are helping raise you up to another level. 

      “One will need to be at the lowest, bottom of the barrel situation in order to be able to achieve success” (think and grow rich, page word)  You know this falls in a realm of thresholds I guess.  But in truth bottom of the barrel is only truly the bottom unless it threatens, life, property, shelter and food. 

      So who do you trust, well that is up to you, that is why this is a theory.  Meaning which text should you trust as theory for your life?  The bible, the Vedas the torah, or the funk.  For one thing, the funk hasn’t caused any wars, except for the war on which condom you are going to choose, ribbed or glow in the dark. 


      Experience cont.. 

      Yes experience is the best teacher.  But what would you rather have to do, pay the federales in Mexico for that joint in your pocket or know before hand that the federales can search you without reason, with no suspicion.  I would choose the latter but, I didn’t choose the latter because either I didn’t know or I wouldn’t accept the advice to do so. (Very common style) 

              What would you do, get loans to go to a general education college so that once you get out of college you either go into more debt to get a masters because a bachelors doesn’t cut anymore or get a wack job so that you can barely pay your bills for years or do what you really want to do and get that specific education cut your debt drastically.  Or go live somewhere else.  (so many choices)  But the first two sound the tougher to me.  

              So the experience taught me.  On the other hand experiences teach you how funky and happy things can be.  Love and Life fall into this [f(unky) and h(happy)] category.  Without getting too far into it, love is one of the things that once you experienced it you know how sweet it can be.  And the other, once you start living the life of funk you begin to find out how sweet life can be.  Therefore [fandh].  If you always went to crappy concerts, because that is all you knew, you would think that concerts are crappy.  Or even think, which is worse, that crappy concerts are good.  But once you went to that concert that knocked you off your titties you would understand through the experience that this is the level that a concert should be at.  Not a watered­down version. 

      #32 Funk is ­> farting and blaming it on the cat.

      #31 Funk is jumping in the puddle.

      #33 Funky is ­> candy flipping.

      #34 Funky is kissing someone hello.

      #34b Funk is licking someone hello

      #35 Funk is hot sauce.

      #82 what would you have? chicken nuggets with no sauce or nuggets with sauce.


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