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11 - Happiness Philosopy, happy life - 11

      Whoa!  All the sudden two people are smiling giving the air around them a bit more happiness, a little bit more light.   Shall we say a [fog of happiness], a fog so thick you get lost in it.  And damn that’s pretty nice, because you don’t have to know where you’re going, cause you’re already there, you’re happy.

      Picture in book

      Experience the feeling of happiness by giving it to others whether or not you feel happy. Transformations will occur.  Realizing that a [fog of happiness] is a dimension better that a fog of hate.


      Side note

      “Before we go any further understand that I personally don’t really understand unhappiness.  What ever word you can use to describe unhappiness use it, and guess what?  I don’t really understand.  That is why some of the writings are so basic in this point because when you believe so strongly in something it becomes true.  Being happy is the key to happiness.  You can fathom anything else.  But form a therapy in the mind, a weird sort of cold turkey style of begetting happiness. 

      Act happy. 

      Now this may sound so silly and simple but I believe it to be the way towards a healthy life.  Imagine being struck by lighting the moment you are yelling at someone for something stupid, or the moment you are angry at the driver in front of you, or fighting with your girlfriend about if she is allowed to go out with her friends or not.  All of these things I would never want to die in the middle of.  That just it.  Its like an alcoholics epiphany.

      You think this a little too hard to do. Here is my little thing that helps me keep it up. It’s like the person who tells themself that they never get sick, and the weird thing is they don’t. Well I say, “I don’t really get mad, and I am a truly happy person. (period)” 



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Simple enough the writer of this book, essay whatever you may call it has one purpose. That is unification under a common principle, happiness, creativity and living to the fullest.

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