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10 - Funky Sauce, oh that's hot- 10


        The “sauce is the boss.”  Famous words of my good brother Sweet Baby Ray. Now sauce is the essential park of funk.  Literally the sauce will change everything.  You can even make sauce saucy.  “My baby’s got sauce, your baby aint sweet like mine” (G Love and Special Sauce). 

      Spice goes hand in hand with sauce. 

      “Ya need spice for the sauce and you aint got no sauce without spice.” (Johnny Guru)

      Lastly the perfect sauce is the spicy sauce.


      Literally use sauce…board#1

      Figuratively, sauce up your life. Board#2  Make it so when you are looked at people are like “damn you got sauce.”  Simply put, [sauce] and [spice] are ways of the funk.  Helping adjectives in the search for pure funk existence.

      One can become saucy, and in this time his­her sauce becomes innate.  The act of saucing things up just comes natural without thought. Board #3 

      Last step a taste into board #4 is becoming the sauce.

      [What is Funk?]

      #15 Funk is learning to communicate in any way possible.

      [picture of a key]Key to the life of funk. Sunshine and Shirtless


           How is happiness wrapped into this whole fandango?  Happiness is the one of the major things that really reflects the inner self.  Now other chapters, sections…. Passages… don’t go to the place we are going to, right now, when we try to talk about happiness.  In other words funk has a very interesting perception on happiness.

           Happiness has been portrayed and staged, written and/or thought about since the beginning of time.  Our idea of happiness has been smacked around silly.  Smacked around by every media source as well as taught or shall we say attempted to be taught by every person in and out of our lives.  A more fucked up portayal of happiness in my mind comes in the form of commercials and advertising, with its main function to breed happiness through the expenditure of  money.  Buy this, eat that, act this way and you are going to be happy. And please don’t try to be too creative, cause that would be a little weird.

           But there is one aspect about happiness even through all of the hoopla and shenanigans, still remains to be.  Happiness is that thing.  There is a feeling that you get when you are happy.   Have you ever laughed before?  Physically your features and presence are felt to be nice, warm (a word maybe overused) straight up goodness.  Happiness is good.  You can’t tell me, that with happiness doesn’t come good things... lets bounce a little.

           Being happy can fall onto the same playing field as acting happy.  This may sound wildly simple, but happiness begets happiness.  Even if you think you are not feeling that happy and you smile and exhibit a funky fresh feeling.  That fresh feeling, that happy feeling makes the person with­in happy.  In fact if anyone is watching you while you are happy they will get that feeling too. 

           One major proof to these theories comes when you smile or give a very warm look at someone, they usually give the gift back.


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Simple enough the writer of this book, essay whatever you may call it has one purpose. That is unification under a common principle, happiness, creativity and living to the fullest.

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