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4 - Eat Right say no to shit - Hydrogenated oils, funky fresh foods- 4

      Back to our scheduled theorizing banter.

      Keys to funk..

      Their are keys in the [life of funk] that should just be understood.  These keys are somewhat universal truths are being put out that may just benefit you even if you don’t really agree on the funk. Lets go right to the stomach.

      On the lighter side ­ Fruit:

       Opening pathways to funk.   These are going to be shown through and through, throughout the theory of funk.  These are key essential ingredients to the life of funk.

      1. Fruit­ you eat fruit that makes you feel …. Funky (Yes/No.)  I eat fruit and its funky.

      Yes so fruit is funky.  If fruit is all a person can eat, you know its diet.  The person lives fresh.  I would love to sit on a beach eating a mango, climbing the mountains and feasting blueberries, secretly eating peaches, mowing down mangos and inserting my pineapple. What?!

      Fruit is a key or gateway to funk.  

      “Through my belly comes two of the pleasures of life.  Not only when I eat good food do I feel good but when I fart, cause that shit is always so freakin funny”

      Veggies may not be as funky, but I eat ‘em and they definitely keep my shit proper.

      Eating funky a little more serious: 

      Let’s try not get into food too much cause we don’t want to really preach.  In life we try different things to find out what makes us feel good.  Do that with food.  Ever had a fast­food hamburger meal that makes you feel aggressive, I have. And I feel that some reasoning behind that is that you never know the difference in good and bad food until you have tried all types.  In the instance of burgers, the difference between shitty meat and good meat.  You may never feel the change in how you feel after eating something that just shouldn’t be eaten until you see how you feel by eating real food.  The big difference between eating hydrogenated oils and real oil. If you don’t know about that shit look it up.  The difference between chemically altered madness and real shit.  Try to keep it real.  It makes you realer.  Check out this site for organic spirulina, real food and herbs.

           The only problem is that, our food situation right now is enough for a revolution.  How come anytime you want something real, it costs so damn much.  The system is totally off in that realm.  

      The top five most used culprits in food today, check it out:

      Hydrogenated Oils, Aspartame like sweeteners, MSG, artificial flavors and colors, and high fructose corn syrup.  Really look it up.  I asked this nutritionist one time about ingredients like this and she said something on the line of, “You can’t expect our body to be fine when you put things in your body that aren’t even food.”  Dr. Karen Weis

      In other words to step away from preaching, you are what you eat and I like to eat funky because the responsibility of a funk all­star is realizing what is up with what’s going on.


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