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2 - The 3 b's of Funk, BBQ, Buds and Barry White.. or - 2

      Tried and true you could live with simply these three b’s,

      The first one to fit the script was

      BBQ, Buds and Broads (don’t be scared of the word broad when used with respect)

      These three b’s encompassing all you need that is funky in life, in 3 b’s of life..

      Explained as such, beginning with bbq, of course a brothers/sisters got to eat and what better way to eat than with a spatula in hand and a hot bbq in front, buds meaning many different things my favorite, the ganj, also meaning friends aka buds, and beer, sorry for the reference to bud but I grew up on it, and lastly de broads, signifying the other sex, the sexy sex.

      Put the 3 b’s together to reflect in your life and you shall see exactly what I am talking bout. exercise to follow,


      +++Be aware of the symbol  [/]   it signifies the oneness that we are trying to describe.  To me it is a little easier to clear up that this theory does not limit it self to just men, just women, but to all genders, aliens, animals, gremlins, leprechauns, and life.  That sounds like a lot to me, one could even say it sounds like everyone and everything.  But of course in the understanding that yes we genders do operate a differently.  But no worries stay tuned for the bird view of the funk theory written in the language of the queen funkstress herself. 

      Back to the b’s baby:

      Banging booty bitches being another example, not encompassing total aspects as the former but it’s definitely something I would like to have in my life. 

      Can you think of one yourself, lets try    b______________, b________________, b_______________.

      good yes... 

      All of these terms grazing the grass of goodness, describing what funk can and is and will stand for.

      SoPues ex.1   That shit was funky


                            That shit was nice (using our newly formed thesaurus).

      Lets play a little, keep this book cool. Repeat out loud.  This is just an exercise for the kiddies, to get you in the groove, the way of the nice.

      Give me your best, Barry White voice, make it so deep it puts your ass to sleep.

      Try it now, repeat “You don’t want the funk” in your best B.W. voice.

      Again “You don’t want the funk”  

      Now for the girls who may have had a little trouble bumpin out the deep voice.



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Simple enough the writer of this book, essay whatever you may call it has one purpose. That is unification under a common principle, happiness, creativity and living to the fullest.

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