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13 - Funk Theory - farming, agriculture - 13

      “Where you gonna run when there's no more sun………..” (Black Seeds)

      Farming and agriculture, to be discussed in the next episode, also know as phase two.


      Funky are the choices you make.  You can choose to have fun without drugs or have fun with drugs.  Remember the most important part is not drugs, it fun. It’s the choice you make for what ever reasons.  It’s choosing something for a reason that doesn’t hinder who you are, nor who you want to be.  Drinking to be fun, wack!  Drinking while having fun, that’s the reason, the choice.  Mind you, our choices are never always going to be correct. But it’s why the choices were made.  See maybe for some people they don’t understand why someone smokes butts to relieve stress, but if that is truly the case, how do we ever know if the dependence is for the stress or the dependence is for the drug. 

           Fuck yeah, if the herb keeps you sane go nuts on it.  But truly know did you maintain your sanity without it.  Smoke weed when its time to kick it.  Drink beers when its time to kick it, not time to forget. Try to find the fun, the real, the funk, before you fucked up.

              “Yo baby whatever I am saying right now, yeah I might be schwilly, but its what I am actually feeling on the inside”  Finny Finclestein

      So maybe Finny Fincle is using drugs and booze to help him bring out what’s within. But eventually he must realize how to open up without the other shit.  Yea that shits hard but living your life wasted, is life wasted.  Going to work wasted, going to school wasted is just masking your ability.  With one exception at times is art….  The only thing is the proof that these things make you slower and stupider.  That is why drinking and driving is the not the best idea, so why be stoned and try to accomplish goals that take some serious logical concentration.  Art, music, writing, designing, developing, creating. With shit like that it may be nice to open doors of perception previously closed without some drug.  I always thought that when I was tripping out, it opened up doors to my brain.  But these doors I feel can possibly be opened without tripping.  I feel that tripping is like understanding that you can influence your life simply by the way that you think.  If you ever have tripped before and been a position where it’s either going to go very bad or its going to go really good.  A really intense time, but for tripping a really intense moment, a smaller amount of time. You can tell yourself many times “I feel good, I feel good, I feel good” and then bam whatever was fucking up your thoughts at that moment was erased.  Because you know what, you really weren’t dying, you were living.  It’s the negative thought that put you there.  But it’s very weird and interesting that you can convince yourself that you are ok..  But you can also convince yourself that you are crazy.  Or depressed.  You can even convince yourself that you can solve world peace, now if only you could remember it afterwards.  And you are that thing that you have convinced yourself of.  Just like those people you have learned about in psychology class that are convinced that they get sick off everything.   Tripping gives you a glimpse that your mind is one of the strongest forces in your being.  And if it is that easy for the moment to tell yourself everything is ok, and it is, why cant you do that in your life?

              Not only that but tripping I feel can open doors of perception that may have been previously closed.  I think that there are minds out there that if they were tapped during trips we could solve all the world’s problems.  I know I have figured out some solutions for peace, but the door has closed, only waiting for me to tap into it on another level of consciousness not just a temporary trip.

      “Its funny when I smoke a little weed that’s when the philosophies start coming out.” (H­diggy)


      No worries.   Cant relate to what I am saying.  No Worries. 

      That’s right because the more time you spend worrying the less time you spend living.  Some times it can be just that simple.

      Go on a road trip and have three flat tires and Mr. ChillOutNoWorries says (in all seriousness with a smirk) “Your not worried are ya?”

      The answer to that should be around a no.  (depending if you are in the a jungle with mutant giraffes that all the sudden like the taste of humans).   Worrying makes life shorter.  Thinking makes life richer.. Waiting for a third huh?   Well listen, there is no third, oh so you can’t read that, well, no worries (hehe).

      Lastly Music: (just a nibble until Phase 2 i.e. Book 2)

      Knowing that some thing as simple and as powerful as music can change the attitudes of people simply by it being there.  Know that anytime you play or put on music that has life, you put life into the people who are listening.  So without saying, funky music is music with life and zest.  Wow if it’s as simple as that, and funk music brings fresh life, and fresh life is funky.  I know I keep on doing these funny similarities.  I just think it’s an interesting form of logic.

      You know what is fucking cool?  Knowing when to put the freshest music on, knowing that the music is changing the party, changing each person, turning them into mint, grooving individuals.  You can do that with anything.  You can make things funky with anything.  Understanding music goes hand in hand with life.  What kind of life are you looking for?  A wild loving life to live sounds nice……

      Drop a dime down acknowledging that the last bunch of statements are where it’s at.  It describes the idea that I have been elaborating upon.  Funk is not just music, but life.  Guess what, there is some much more to talk about?   

      But for now, you know that in the funk theory all you have to do is act what you feel and be real.  You are fucking cool as hell.   Until next time.. click me for the final word of the book, its great a word.


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