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3 - Funky angel investors, alternative investments - 3

      ­in the girly voice

      “You don’t want the funk?” 

      Ah... statement and question.  Its just how you put it.

      Oh damn, I think someone is listening in the corner, don’t worry I think he/ is enjoying your flavor and he/ thinks to himself

      “Shit that shits badass I mean Michael Jackson bad, that is.”

      Oh yeah I’m feeling good now, feeling a little excited hope you are feeling the bump in the trunk.  Life is tight.

      Whoever is funking as well as whatever molecules are funking, are having a blast.

      “He’s dances so funky” – his feet are having a blast

      “Damn look at your funk toes” – the fungi on his feet are having a blast

      ­try this one

      –Harry voice “you don’t want the funk?” oh yeah you may not know me..


      So try it like this ...          you don’t want the Funk! 

      That is kind of like how I would say it.

      Yeah but wait sometimes the funk might not all be shits and giggles. 

      You could say,

      “Shit that shits bad news.  I saw jimmy got the funk the other day, it was terrible.”

      Maybe we will touch a little more on that. Give slightly a little more light on the dark side of funk. Hmmmm, maybe we won’t cause I just cant be writing about the negative way.   Just not thinking in the negative, is attempting to affirm the idea that if we don’t even think about the wack shit, then we may progress faster and smoother than ever before.  Also another gist of this book is that it is a journey through the thought process of experience.   Therefore as we move along and play all sides of the die, we shall see what we are really saying.   

      The elements are on the rise, just like our elements in hip­hop. These elements will be tools in the toolbox of aight, and if these tools do not work, if it does not make shit funkier, then we will get rid of the ones that don’t.

                             Shit count in the last page or so = 7, oops. .   . .... .....    ... ..     hehe      .

      Attention Funk Investors i.e. funders of alternative investments:

      Just a quick thought... what are the people with 5,0000$ in there pocket doing.   While some are searching for just 3,000 dollars to change the world with a crazy music, hip­hip, funk event, we still have cats with 5,000 just as pocket change.  


      Change your thoughts people,  if you got a little bit of dough and go and search out your local funk agent,, (yes the characters who wear the blingin’ official funk badges) and see what the funk they are up too...  It could change your world too...

      Actually here are some badges to cut out the the book and use.  Maybe one day this badge will be a sign of the funk army.  Willing mad men and women, funkin it up for to bring light to shit that’s just too fly to let go by.  Word..

      Can’t find a funk agent in your area??!! Go to www.funkyinvestments.com


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